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Disk spring

Disc spring is a spring used while load is applied in the vertical direction. This type of spring has relatively large load capacity in a small space and can be used in a wide variety of applications by changing the plate height or thickness. With our advanced press tempering technologies, we can provide highly precise disc springs. We have done research and development for a long time and now produce high-performance, high-quality springs that satisfy the best product standards.

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Ring spring

Ring spring is a type of spring with which an inner ring and an outer ring with conical surfaces are put together alternately. Unlike conventional springs which use bending or twisting stress, when compressive load is applied to this type of spring, the conical surfaces slide, compressing the inner ring and expanding the outer ring. Thus, the energy stored per unit volume of the material is significantly larger with ring springs than other types of springs, and it can be said that this is the most effective spring.

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Spring pin is a plate rolled into a cylinder with a gap like the alphabet C. It is inserted into a hole to utilize its force opening externally. Those inserted inside may have their ends processed into cone shape, and their shapes and sizes vary depending on the application.

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